WATCH: David Farenthold Explains What Kind of Information Trump Org. COO May be Able to Give to Investigators

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The New York investigators looking into the Trump Organization have continued to widen their probe. Allen Weisselberg, the long time CFO of the company has been in their cross-hairs for months.

Weisselberg, though, has reportedly been a reluctant witness against his boss. So now investigators have set their sights on COO Matthew Calamari. According to a new report, Calamari and his son are being advised to lawyer up.

During a Monday night appearance on Dateline White House, David Farenthold explained what this might mean for Trump. The Washington Post scribe told Nicolle Wallace:

You’re right that it seems very similar to the Weisselberg situation, these folks have been compensated not just salary but apparently apartments. The key is what value the Calamaris might have to prosecutors. He doesn’t play the same role in the company that Weisselberg does. He functions more like a COO than Calamari does. Weisselberg makes a lot of decisions. Calamari is a former bodyguard, he doesn’t handle the executive decisions. So I’m not sure that calamari could tell you that Donald Trump ordered this decision or that decision. That said, he may be in legal trouble himself and I’m sure that he could provide something of value to prosecutors.”

New York investigators have been relentless in their pursuit of information about the Trump Organization. And the former president can be in serious trouble if no stone goes unturned.

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