NRL to probe alleged Tedesco 'Squid Game' slur

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The NRL integrity portion volition interrogation respective Roosters players arsenic portion of a probe into an incidental betwixt skipper James Tedesco and a 20-year-old pistillate successful Bondi past week.

Tiffany Trinh, 20, lodged a ceremonial ailment with the NRL, claiming the Roosters prima shouted "squid games" astatine her - a notation to the fashionable Korean Netflix bid - extracurricular a pub successful Bondi.

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Trinh, who is of Vietnamese descent, told The Sydney Morning Herald she felt Tedesco was making a "joke astir her race" portion with his friends.

The NRL confirmed a ailment had been lodged connected Monday and said they would beryllium speaking to arsenic galore witnesses arsenic possible, including a fig of Roosters players.

Roosters main enforcement Joe Kelly said the nine became alert of the allegation erstwhile Trinh's sister posted astir the incidental connected Instagram connected Friday.

The Roosters accidental it was a miscommunication. (Getty)

"After we recovered retired astir the Instagram post, we thoroughly investigated the matter," Kelly said. "There was perfectly nary enactment betwixt James Tedesco with this radical of people. We categorically contradict that thing untoward occurred."

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Trinh and her sister confirmed the nine ne'er contacted them to get their broadside of the communicative arsenic portion of their investigation.

The sisters said they were shocked by the Roosters' assertion that their probe had already wrapped up by Sunday aft being made alert of the incidental connected Friday. They said they were taken aback by the club's deficiency of connection with them.

The Roosters judge the incidental occurred due to the fact that of a miscommunication and assertion Tedesco was simply discussing the fashionable amusement with his teammates portion successful adjacent proximity to Trinh.

Tedesco allegedly asked the women if they knew who helium was aft they called him astir the comment. (Getty)

Trinh claims Tedesco approached her portion she was extracurricular the edifice waiting for a assistance location with a person aboriginal connected Thursday greeting and shouted "squid games" astatine her earlier laughing with his group.

Trinh claimed she stood down her friend, who challenged Tedesco astir the comment, earlier the Roosters skipper allegedly laughed and asked the women if they knew who helium was.

"It was a radical of astir 10 footy boys, and I was beauteous intimidated. It felt beauteous atrocious being laughed at," Trinh said.

"A 20-year-old tiny girl, waiting for a assistance home, and you person a clump of guys travel up to you and laughter astatine you for being Asian."

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