Megan Thee Stallion debuts her 'Hellraiser' Halloween costume

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(CNN)From Beyoncé to Heidi Klum, immoderate celebrities ever spell each out for Halloween. This year, there's a caller contender.

Megan Thee Stallion posted her Halloween costume connected Sunday, and the rapper is wholly unrecognizable arsenic Pinhead from the 1987 fearfulness movie "Hellraiser."

"Pain has a face. Allow maine to amusement you. Gentlemen I americium pain," the rapper wrote successful the caption, referencing a enactment from the movie, on with a #hottieween hashtag.

    With needles sticking retired of her caput and each achromatic assemblage paint, Megan stunned fans with the caller look.

      "Scary however bully you look ... adjacent dressed arsenic an acupuncture look achromatic man," wrote fellow Pardi Fontaine.

      Doug Bradley arsenic  Pinhead successful  the classical  fearfulness   movie   "Hellraiser."

      Though Halloween is inactive days away, different celebrities person been dropping hints astir their costumes.

        Klum, for example, has been dropping hints regarding her costume each month, successful mentation for what she's dubbed #HeidiHalloween2021. In 2019, she revealed a full-body prosthetic zombie-alien outfit, taking astir fractional a time to apply.

        Beyoncé has yet to debut her look, but she's ne'er been 1 to messiness astir -- successful 2018, she dressed up arsenic Lisa Bonet, and successful 2017, she was Lil' Kim.

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