It’s All Crashing Down On Trump As Prosecutors Tell His COO To Lawyer Up

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The Manhattan DA has told the Chief Operating Officer of the Trump Organization and his son to get lawyers.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

New York prosecutors are investigating whether a top Trump Organization executive, Matthew Calamari, received tax-free fringe benefitsas part of their probe into whether former President Donald Trump’s company and its employees illegally avoided paying taxes on such perks, according to people familiar with the matter.


Prosecutors in recent weeks advised Mr. Calamari and his son, Matthew Calamari Jr., that they should hire their own lawyer, people familiar with the matter said. The elder Mr. Calamari, who works as the Trump Organization’s chief operating officer, and his son, the company’s corporate director of security, had previously been represented by a lawyer who was also representing other Trump Organization employees, one of the people said.

Prosecutors appear to be treating the Trump Organization probe  like an organized crime investigation. They are working their way up the Trump ladder, and now they are focused on the top officials at the company.

The odds are good that prosecutors aren’t interested in avoiding taxes on employee benefits. They are really after evidence of tax and bank fraud committed by the Trump Organization.

The news only gets worse for Trump as he plots a political comeback that may never happen. Decades of potential criminal activity appear to be tumbling down on him, while the failed former president lives in a fantasy land of conspiracy theories and delusion.

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