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As business for tenant lawyers ramps up, Austin residents are worried about paying rent

Travis County commissioners approve hiring freeze for county employees to ease the financial burden from COVID-19

If you're worried about rent and mortgage payments, here's what you can Austin News do to relieve financial stress

"If you've been affected by not being able to work because of [COVID-19], you do have a 60-day grace period and you don't have to sign away any of your other rights or agree to any other sort of payment plan in order to obtain those," said MacGeorge. 

MacGeorge said if a landlord offers to create a payment plan, it may benefit you because they could agree to waive late fees. Austin City Council approves 60-day rent grace period amid coronavirus outbreak

"You do not get out of late fees in the Austin city ordinance, but if you can't make a payment plan, don't sign anything with your landlord. You don't have to. You Press Release Distribution Services In Austin just need to be able to come up with the money at the end of the 60 days," said MacGeorge. 

KVUE talked to an Austin landlord, Bret Vance, who said it's been stressful for landlords, too, who have to pay their mortgages. Vance said communication is what's helped him and his tenants. 

"Just cooperate as best you can with anybody who's willing to talk to you," said Vance. "This is a unique situation with everybody and I think every landlord should understand as best as they can."

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